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BitDegree: Transforming Education Using Blockchain Technology

BitDegree is smart-incentive based online education platform using blockchain technology which will transform global education and tech hiring. BitDegree shall directly align the incentives of students and anyone who wants them to become digitally intelligent — like current or prospective employers, digital service providers and sponsors.
BitDegree is an educational platform for everyone who is keen to study and get IT job.
Blockchain will put BitDegree online education platform ahead of competition through introduction of smart incentives and record students’ achievements in blockchain. Incentives earned on this platform will be exchangeable into digital goods on third party service providers. Supporting and distributing attribution can easily be made with smart contracts with every partner.
Education and Courses offer on Bitdegree
All courses on BitDegree platform will be IT oriented. Highest quality courses created by best tutors will be available. Smart contract development course with collaboration with will be the first choice.

Courses offer on BitDegree will be free for first year to attract students. User growth pool will be used as incentive for this traction. In the future premium courses will be offered.

BitDegree Token
BDG is ERC20 utility token built on Ethereum blockchain. BitDegree token as a mean of exchange can be used among users of the platform: Students, Sponsors, and third party Digital Service Providers.
Token can be used to create smart-incentives for educational purpose, to purchase advertising and recruitment services, and various other digital services offered by third parties on the BitDegree platform.
Sponsors are the main fuel for a workable BitDegree economy. The economic incentive for Sponsors to buy BitDegree tokens is to enhance employer branding and recruitment of tech talent.
Token Details
Token Symbol: BDG
Token Sales date: December 1st. 2017, 14:00 UTC (16:00 GMT +2). It will last for one month or until hard-cap is reached
Soft-cap: 6250000 BDG
Hard-cap: 336600000 BDG
Token value: Smart contract will automatically issue 10000 BDG tokens for 1ETH sent to smart contract address. So 1 BDG token is worth 1/10000 ETH, if ETH price is $300, 1 token is $0.03.
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