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Datarius a Completely Decentralized Crytobank

Datarius project developed by Fintech Company icrypto S.A. is a novel, social type of cryptobank which will be first financial institution in cryptobank industry that is capable of offering customers full varieties of financial services executed within a decentralized system. The decentralized system representing datarius model will include blockchain technologies that will ensure secure information recording and storage which will excludes the possibility of changing or forging piece of data.
The distinctiveness of Datarius Cryptobank is that the project allows customers to get services, suitable to their needs by operating on peer to peer ecosystem, where customers making transactions are private users.
Mission Statements
(i) Development of peer to peer system that will enable full potential use of decentralized financial technology within the context of cryptocurrency payment system and real life.
(ii) To offer world community with access to major financial instruments through peer to peer transaction.
(iii) Contrasting most developers that promote monopolization of world financial market by large players, datarius will create seamless financial institution that would embrace all advantages of traditional financial organizations without disadvantages: non-transparency, unpredictability, lobbyism, and administrative burden.
Advantage of Using Datarius Cryptobank
Usage of cryptocurrencies, which centrally controlled, as well as smart contracts allows to process transactions more efficiently and safely compared to conventional deals.
The system allows users to make their own decision when judging appropriateness of certain services and applications, which reduce cost of processing transactions.
Customer selects a service according to his/her own prerequisites and pays the price without service charge.
Project Plan and development
Datarius Project team will provides access to completely decentralized system of financial services for both people who are aware of the cryptocurrency market and those who are still cautious of such services. The project will bring cryptocurrency system from practical space to real financial services market, preserving the best features of traditional banks without bureaucratic practices and excess service costs.
Development of multifunctional cryptobank is a complex process, datarius team will work to enhance preliminary agreements with prospective partners and implement their services in the system.
Datarius cryptobank development steps include:
Personal IBAN
Users will have wallets that are related to personal account with equivalent International Bank Account Number. User accounts will be linked to datarius account in partner bank with certain cash balance that is maintained constantly. This will allow fiat currency to circulate within established limits without intermediaries.
Multi-Currency Accounts
User will be able create and use wallets denominated in any currency. As a result of this feature system will be a full-fledged payment hub in which various national and cryptocurrencies are freely converted without using other exchange platforms.
Peer to Peer Lending
Datarius P2P lending system will have two key objectives:
1. to increase reliability and to automate technical aspects of lending with smart contracts and data recording in a blockchain;
2. to evaluate and group loan applications by levels of risks through the algorithmic selection and, in some cases, processing by analysts of datarius system
To access Datarius P2P lending system, users need to undergo verification procedure (a principle called Know Your Client), by adding personal information to the profile and confirming mobile phone number.
Co-branded Credit Cards
Asset Exchange
Transaction Insurance
Online Training Centre for System Users etc.
Token Detail
Soft Cap: $1000000
Hard Cap: $67000000
Limitation of number of tokens: 200.000.000 DTRC
The fixed value of the token: 1$
Presale: 12.12.17 12:12 UTC — 31.12.17 12:12 UTC with 35% bonus
Crowdsale: February 2018
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