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Envion: Providing profitable, global cryptocurrency mining infrastructure Through Blockchain Technology

An increase growth of energy consumption in the IT ecosystem is hitting an energy market in transition. The growth of renewables in the energy mix is creating inequalities in the grid — an irregular supply of power in time and space. At a particular point in time and in specific places, there is plenty of electricity straining the grid to its limits, while scarcity might prevail at other times. These inequities trigger large fluctuations in spot market energy prices, regulatory responses, and price differences between sectors, regions, and time and climate zones.
As data centres are long term ventures in infrastructure, they have a limited competence to adapt to changes in the price structure of energy markets. Once built, they are tied to their location and might lose competitiveness to other locations if price structures change. While new market conditions might be deadly for traditional data centres, they offer huge opportunities for the global, flexible and smart mining operation that envion is about to launch

Vision Statement
Envion that system modernization is important in order for cryptocurrencies to well accepted by the mass populace. however, future mining operations need to be decentralized in order to cut their reliance on regulations from governments, influential individuals, and fossil or nuclear energy.

Future crypto-mining operations need to cut the general risks that result from being bound to certain coins or mining pools. Thus, envion struggle to hand the decisive power back to the crypto-community. this must be achievable for individuals to take part in mining cryptocurrency without tremendous investments in hardware and technology. Besides broad ownership of mining operations, envion strives to involve the community in making decisions about key mining decisions. envion therefore want to reduce the hurdles for larger audiences to take part in the crypto-community.
through offering anyone the power to take part in securing the future of the blockchain technology, envion is laying the foundation for the future of crypto mining by designing highly mobile low-maintenance mining units and by offering our community the right to vote for mining locations and for coin choices.
Envion will develop greatly profitable, global crypto-mining-infrastructure which will be hosted in mobile, modular CSC containers and decentralized placement directly at the energy source using blockchain Technology.

Reasons to Consider Envion
· Highly Mobile
Envion have engineered an extremely mobile mining solution which is hosted in standardized CSC containers and ready for “plug-and-play” deployment at any energy source.
· Cheap Energy Accessibility
Due to collapse of price of solar panels which has led to tumbling electricity prices at photovoltaic plants worldwide. Envion mining units can monetize virtually free local overcapacities.
· Maintained remotely
Envion cutting edge mining-unit management platform connects all units to one global, decentralized network using redundant 4G and satellite connections.
· Patented Cooling
More than 40 times more efficient than traditional data centres: using a patented cooling system, we achieve unprecedented power efficiency.
Detail about ICO
The EVN token is an ERC-20 standard which is based on Ethereum token. EVN tokens grant their holders the following right:
· To receive 100% of the earnings of our proprietary mining operation in two steps which include 75% payed out immediately and 25% reinvested to boost future payouts
· To receive 35% of envion‘s earnings from mining by third-party operations
· voting and veto in important decisions of the company’s strategy
Token Sales Date
Tokens will be obtainable for 31 days, starting on December 15th, 2017 and ending on January 14th, 2018.
Token Issue Volume
Max. 150 millions
tokens not distributed shall not be generated
Token Price at Issue
83% token holders
10% founder team
5% envion AG as reserve
2% bounty program
Accepted form of payment
BTC, ETH, credit cards
ICO Start Date
December 15, 2017, 12 PM GMT
ICO End Date
January 14, 2018, 11:59 PM GMT
Time: (Period): Token price
15.12: (12PM GMT) — 17.12 (11:59:59AM GMT): $0.70
17.12: (12PM GMT) — 21.12 (11:59:59AM GMT):$0.80
21.12 :(12PM GMT) — 28.12 (11:59:59AM GMT): $0.90
28.12 :(12PM GMT) — 14.01 (11:59:59PM GMT): $1.00
Token Issue Date
January 15, 2018, 12 PM GMT
Use of proceeds
91% Investment in Mobile Mining Units (MMUs)
9% Research & Development and Administration
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