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SYMM: Future of Cryptocurrencies investors

Many cryptocurrencies today are disordering the way currencies need to be spread daily. Due to the fact that cryptocurrencies are still new and not been accepted globally, it is uneasy for individuals to comprehend how to trade them. Overwhelming interest from investors has made trading highly attractive.
SYMM is providing investors the capacity to invest at ranges of levels, securely store funds, and insight to how a cryptocurrency investment fund is managed,
Investors will have opportunity to exploit cryptocurrency market without the complexities of trading personally themselves. Investors in SYMM will be allowed to enter a managed fund which will allow them to take part in cryptocurrency exchange without effort and substantial capital investment which will be needed when trading alone
SYMM have expanded collections with market cap well above $1000000000 SYMM with a minimum average volume of $100000000 in each of the cryptocurrencies it trades which include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, LiteCoin and Ripple.
Reason to Choose SYMM fund
(1) Unmatched Returns
Unequalled ability to uses proprietary analysis methods to offer returns to shareholders that are not comparable to investments with traditional funds
(2) Dividends
At the end of each month investors will receive 50% of SYMM’s profit in ETH dividends on the 3rd day of each month, while the remaining 50% of the fund’s monthly profit will be compounded for net future growth.
(3) Flexibility
One of the significant advantages of investing in SYMM is the capability to have instant liquidity. SYMM give shareholders a buyback option until SYMM is traded on major exchanges.
(4) Leverage
As a fund, SYMM have capacity to invest and trade more capital than what could be done by a single investor. It means dividend returns will likely be greater and investment will experience faster compounding growth than if it was a single investor.
SYMM Initial Coin Offering
SYMM will release unlimited tokens in the ICO which will be open for a period of 121 days at the rate of 0.1 ETH per SYMM. A SYMM token is a single share in the fund. Majority of the fund which will be raised will be for trading while small percentage will also be held as prudent reserve and admin holding which will serve as a measure of risk mitigation. Amount of SYMM Token investors can purchase is not limited during the ICO stage and there are no discounts available.
ICO Stages
The ICO will be in two rounds. Round one started on December 10, 2017 and will end February 10 2018. The second round will start on February 11, 2018 and continue until April 10, 2018
ICO versus Trading Phase
SYMM ICO rounds will close manually at the end of each relevant period of each round. This may be closed by a nominated admin account and after the closure, the funds will be withdrawn from the contract and exchange to fiat currencies. In order to prevent an adverse effect on the market that SYMM will be traded, withdrawal from ICO phase will be completed over a period of days or weeks.
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