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DINARO: Providing Multicurrencies Debit Card for Extended Service use

Many people are disconnected today from the banking services. Thereby they are unable to enjoy all financial benefit attached to banking. Financial Technology Companies are trying to break this barrier in order to make access to financial service as one of the ways of reducing poverty but they face the problem of liquidity (a measure of how easy an asset or security can be bought or sold without affecting market price). Cryptocurrencies have offered an alternative to paper currencies which allow users to make financial transactions. Since the first cryptocurrency (bitcoin) had been established globally, there have been continuous in the rise in the use of the coin. However, in term of services that cryptocurrency can be used for, many merchants still prefer fiat and Debit over cryptocurrency. Denaro is set to break the barrier between services offered by traditional banking and crypto bank. This will allow more people that are disconnected from traditional banking due to high bank charges, unbearable queues when service is wanted and stressful registration processes to have superior services than traditional banking.

Denaro is designed so that user can use cryptocurrencies (ETH, BTC, DNO) for there daily activities. Other feature Denaro will have include; payment terminal for the merchant, International Bank account Number (for users located in SEPA region) and API functions for integration of Denaro by other service providers. All these functions will make Denaro bridge the gap between cryptocurrency community and traditional financial providers. Some other major benefit Denaro will offer to include;
  • Multifunctional cryptocurrency wallet (ETH, BTC, DNO) with easy conversion from one coin to the other instantly
  • Fiat payment will also be allowed and the currency can also be converted to the other crypto mentioned above

  •  Debit card for users with a personalized design for some merchant that has a high volume of currency in their wallet. The debit card will provide the access to shop both online and offline without difficulty and restrictions.

  • Huge discount for users with a higher volume of money in his/her wallet (above $500,000). The discount includes up to one free payment terminal and 50% discount of debit card charges

  •  Sending cryptocurrencies outside Denaro wallet will not attract an additional fee. This feature will make Denaro stand out among other competitors that charge additional fees which are ridiculously high when transferring cryptocurrency from one wallet to the other

Is Denaro really safe to Use?
Thousands of cybercrimes are committed every day and that is the reason why Denaro platform will be DDOS protected in order to keep user data very save. Security Auditing will also be conducted regularly in order to evaluate the depth of security being put in placed

Is Denaro Open to Investors?
Denaro will be conducting Initial Coin offering where Denaro token (DNO) will be sold to investors. This will create more awareness and make investors early adopters of the system. DNO is a utility token which is based on Ethereum network. Holders of DNO token will have benefits which include discount, bonuses and accessibility to premium service on the Denaro platform.
For more information about Denaro platform and Token sales, kindly visit https://denaro.io/ , Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, ANN, Slack, Whitepaper
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