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Reasons why cryptocurrencies traders should Join now

 Kryll is a cryptocurrency based platform that aims to provide trading tools for a better trading result for hobbyist and professional traders that want to improve their trading experience in order to obtain optimal returns. Kryll is a robust algorithm that use trading strategies developed by individual or group of people to trade cryptocurrencies more efficiently with little effort from the users. The kryll platform has an interface which is divided into flows and blocks. A flow is just a description of signals union, operators and other important data that define a particular strategy. Blocks are used in building strategies which might be from the signal, online market trends, trading actions, offline/online media notification etc. Below are the reasons why cryptocurrency traders should consider joining krill today:
1.    Well dedicated server across the globe: cryptocurrencies are traded 24/7 throughout the world and that is the reason why kryll is having a strong and devoted server in Europe, Asia and North America in order to cut downtime and increase efficiency of the platform
2.    Tight Security: in order to prevent the risk of being attacked by hackers, kryll will be DDOS protected and there will be planned security Audit every quarter.
3.    Ability to test a developed strategy before being used: This is one of the major features of kryll trading tools which give the user the opportunity to test any strategy before it is being implemented. Testing will be done through the backtesting or sandboxing. This will give the trader the real sense of what will happen if the strategy is being used live. It allows the users to select the strategies that will give the optimal yield
4.    Kryll Mobile Companion feature: the companion app which will be available on mobile devices will allow the user to be able to have access to the individual dashboard and also get notifications about your running strategies. Users will have complete control of trades using this wonderful app.
5.    Marketplace for Users: kryll platform will have marketplace section where users can meet each other and even chat. Users that have proven strategies can also share it and will be rewarded for this. This mean user can not only trade using kryll trading tools but can also develop strategies for the community and will be rewarded. community members can also enter competition where people will be giving the task of building the best working strategy and the winners will be rewarded with kryll token.
6.    Multi-supported exchanges platform: kryll will be connected to API of many great exchange platforms (such as binance,Poloniex, Bitfinex, yobit, hitbtc, Kraken etc) which will allow users to be able to trade all their favourite coin through kryll platform. This means the user will be able to use the platform to control all portfolio strategy.
Kryll is still in the ICO stage where token sold (kryll token) will be used in the development and maintenance of the platform. In order to participate in token sales kindly visit Token sales have started and will end on 20th March 2018. For more information contact Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, ANN, Whitepaper
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