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Vestarin: An Innovative marketplace for cryptocurrency Investors and Enthusiast

Since the inception of cryptocurrency in late 2009, the demand for the cryptocurrency has been growing. Bitcoin which was the first coin created went viral in 2017 with the price risen above 300% in few months. This created a lot of media attention making a lot of investors investing in cryptocurrency. The price surge also created a lot of agog between financially centralized companies due to loss of investor to a decentralized system powered by blockchain technology.

However, cryptocurrency holders face some serious challenges which among these is cryptocurrency not fully accepted as a digital currency. Many online stores have not implement cryptocurrency as one of the payment processors because they have limited knowledge about cryptocurrency and believe the coin lack the features of being presented as a legal tender. the Due to this, cryptocurrency holders have serious challenges in converting coin to fiat and in purchasing goods and services online using crypto coins.

The search for a marketplace where crypto coins are being accepted as means of buying goods and services is increasing. Many holders of the coin are looking for a reliable market where buyers and sellers that accept crypto coin can meet to offer themselves services and This is one of the reasons why Vestarin is stepping in to address this challenge. Vestarin is building a decentralized marketplace where buyers and sellers meet directly to offer services and make payment using a crypto coin. Vestarin platform will be built on Ethereum blockchain technology. Vestarin platform will be multilingual making it possible to communicate in fifteen different languages. This is one of the unique platforms which is very uncommon in a decentralized ecosystem. Furthermore, Vestarin will not only bring buyers and sellers together but will also allow individuals or groups to be able to find professionals needed for a particular project that hand. Apart from this vestarin platform will also come with chat sections where users can directly contact each other and communicate with no hassle. Another features vestarin is bringing onboard is the exchange section where users will be able to trade different types of crypto coin without fear of security or data bridge. Vestarin will offer accessibility to information about the current trend in the development of the new platform and other benefit all around the globe. One of the challenges facing investor today is the ability to find reliable ICO that will offer good profit and not a scam. This is the reason why vestarin will create a section where current and upcoming ICO will be discussed and evaluated and will give each ICO startup its own reputation and feedback from crypto geeks and enthusiast users. This will help to evaluate the credibility of any ICO making investors to invest with minimal risk. Vestarin will also allow individual user with a particular service to integrate their restaurants, store and services in order to earn profit from the platform all in crypto currency. All these and many more will be integrated to vestarin platform. In order to know about other features Vestarin will provide kindly visit the official website Here, whitepaper, ANN, Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Telegram

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