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Bitcoinus: The future of Modern and Revolutionized cryptocurrency processing Industry

E-commerce has experienced huge growth reaching $2.774 billion in 2017. The market is expected to reach 4.479 billion by 2021. Despite this successive growth, a lot of online e-commerce have not implemented cryptocurrency to their payment processor which make buyers face some challenges ranging from high transaction fees, delayed and time-consuming payment processing which are the major characteristics of centralized business services. Bitcoinus is decentralized blockchain based platform for buyer and sellers of goods and services. Bitcoinus is bridging the dichotomy that exists between the centralized B2B users by providing the user with the ecosystem where goods and services can be traded using cryptocurrency with reduced transaction fees and short processing time compared to traditional business services provided by some centralized establishment. The bitcoinus platform will include 100 most traded cryptocurrencies which users can be used to pay for services on the platform. One of the major challenge facing cryptocurrency is the issue of fraud and this is the reason why bitcoinus will only allow the users to have access to his/her private key and also merchant registered on the platform will undergo KYC (know your customer) verification in order to make sure buyers are well protected against fraudulent activities. Also, the merchant will be rated based on successful transaction completed and buyers that have been offered service by the merchant will also be able to rate the merchant based on his/her experience. In case there is a problem in completing a transaction between buyer and seller, a third party will be summoned to look into the problem and offer a solution and in the case where buyers keep experiencing a similar problem from the same merchant, such merchant might be removed from the platform. Bitcoinus will add plugins for some companies that are already accepting cryptocurrency as means of payment (such as Microsoft, KFC, etc,.). this will give users huge benefit to hold many coins in their wallet and use it buy goods and services. Application processing Interface (API) will also be provided for bitcoinus which will allow the users to have the dual benefit of both local payment system with other advantages of blockchain based paymentThe bitcoinus platform will also come with instant payment Notification (IPN) which will allow users to receive notification when you receive payment or when the status of your payment change. Bitcoinus will also integrate some other button ranging from Simple to advance button (shopping cart and donation buttons). The official token of Bitcoinus is BITS. It is ERC20 token based on ethereum blockchain. The token is developed to market standard and holders of this token will enjoy many benefits such as zero transaction fee when payment is being made with BITS. Bitcoinus will offer these numerous services for the lowest transaction with transaction quality in term of speed and usefulness Bitcoinus is currently launching an Initial coin offering where 50 000000 BITS will be offered for sales to investors. For further details about bitcoinus kindly visit the website here
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