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4th Pillar may offer lasting solution to effective database and identity management

The 4th pillar is an upcoming project intended for proper database management and personal saving platform which is developed on blockchain technology targeting individual and also business organisation for staff database management. 4th pillar provides an ecosystem through which everyone can control their identity. An issue relating to recruitment and staff documentation is a serious issue in many organisations. Many human resources industries are not fully digitized as many employee data for payment and recruiting process are still being processed manually. You can imagine how many turns of CV and papers for payrolling will be handled.

Through 4th pillar platform, many of above-listed problem will be solved through blockchain technology which provides is fully decentralized and secure. Blockchain allows users participating in a shared digital ledger to be able to validate and information that has to do with transaction thereby speed up the rate at which processes is being achieved and also reduce cost. One of the important features of 4th pillar platform is that it provides automatic verification and does not allow discrimination of any professional identity (fully decentralized). This is very beneficial especially for recruitment or promotion of staffs because it will be very easy, efficient and will be very transparent.

4th pillar offer solution face from financial institutions such as bank. We all know that such institution operates a completely centralized system that helps people’s money within a centralized system for a considerable fee with the owner at the risk of not knowing what may happen in the nearest future. 4th pillar offer solution to this as holder within the 4th pillar ecosystem have total control over their cryptocurrency saved and also total control over reward and earning received. Through 4th pillar, an employer will be able to pay their employee in FOUR tokens directly without any need of the third party such as a bank.

This will save time (payment of employee through bank take a considerable amount of time before employee gets their payment and also sometimes some employee do not receive their salary due to error due to the omission by banks) and also reduce cost (there will be no bank charges). However, this method gives employee opportunity to save directly part of their earning in their personal savings funds wallet. Another important issue 4th pillar will address is proper identity management.

We are in a digital world where individual are using online platform frequently that require identity documentation which means our digital identity is being shared which will do not have control over them. 4th pillar is making a great improvement to this by allowing an individual to have control over their professional identities. The 4th pillar initial coin offerings offer investors opportunity to invest in this mind-blowing platform before launch. For detail about the token sale kindly visit the 4th pillar platform website listed in the information below. For detail about the platform features and other important functions 4th platform will provide, download the whitepaper which is available below or directly accessible through the 4th pillar platform.









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