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Critical Review between Dbrain and other crowdworking platform

Dbrain is a new project startup intending to create a marketplace where crowdworkers are rewarded for labelling of dataset which is needed to build artificial intelligent software. In this review, ICO MATCH will explain the major difference in term of benefit the crowdworkers and data scientists on Dbrain will have over some similar crowdworking platforms such as crowdflower, AMT, Kaggle, Gems and mechanical Turk

Readers should have at the back of their minds that this review is not intended to paint black some crowdworking platforms which are mentioned in this article. Also Dbrain is currently on initial coin offering stage and all that will be discussed here concerning the project is based on the whitepaper which can be obtained on the website listed at the end on this article

(1) Frequent of payment: if you have join any crowdworking platform before, you will realize the major issue crowdworker face is majorly related to payment. Many centralized platform such as crowdflower do not send payment to crowdworker on time. It takes days to weeks before payments are being sent to workers wallets. Dbrain intended to stop workers payment being delayed. Since Dbrain platform will implement blockchain technology in data storage and payment transaction. Workers payment will be send to their cryptocurrency wallet instantly when withdrawal button is triggered without needless wait for manual payment processing.

(2) Transaction fees: one of the major features of blockchain technology is considerably lower transaction fee when payment is being made. Dbrain is tapping into this technology which means any payment being made or received through dbrain platform will attract lower transaction fee which is much lower than transaction fee charged on other similar platforms like Neobux, clixsense, crowdflower, AMT, Kaggle etc.

(3) AI marketplace integration: Dbrain will be the first crowdworking decentralized platform where marketplace is integrated. It means on the platform AI developer and data scientist will be able to test dataset but will not have access to download it except they purchase it. Data set is protected by protocol for indirect controlled access to respiratory data (PICARD). This protocol allow data scientists to be able to train Artificial Intelligent model by making use of the dataset but will not be able to download it

(4) Chat bot integration: another key feature of Dbrain platform which is lacking in some other competitive platform is the chat bot. this chat bot will serve as a medium through which consumer experience in Dbrain online services are streamline.

The features listed above are just few of many benefits Dbrain have over other crowdworking platform. The interesting fact is that many of the traditional crowdworking platform lack revenue distribution formula due to their centralized nature. Well I am not surprise about the transparency and fairness Dbrain is promising because this is what blockchain technology is known to bring into project when an ecosystem is built on it. We shall keep updating and looking forward to Dbrain as they continue to develop the platform. In case you will like to know more about Dbrain, you can visit any of the links listed below






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