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Do you know you can mine cryptocurrency through your body?

GYM reward is about to revolutionize the use of blockchain technology for project startup. Just like many project that introduce the technology to reduce majorly the transaction cost and for transparent and fairness in data management, GYM reward is intending to bring fresh features to the use of blockchain. GYM is an Ethereum based platform which rewards users for exercising. Yes for exercising. This might sound strange but I have every believe GYM will achieve this. GYM is developing an application through which GYM token will be mined through exercise. The technology behind GYM is better understood through proof of exercise (POE) which is a reward system which is activated through the location of the user in the geolocation coordinates contract and the heartbeat to give reward ones the condition (time) is met.
GYM mining is different from the traditional crypto mining which involves a lot of money to set up in order to mine a substantial amount of coin. GYM is completely different because it can only be mine through exercise. This has and health benefit because it makes people to naturally want to exercise their body to earn the GYM token.
How many GYM can be Earn?
Total Gym to be earned depends on how exercise is done. Since the token is measured based on how much time a user spends exercising his/her body. Take for instance, if an athlete runs for 10 minutes and earn 0.1666GYM then if such athlete runs for two hours he will earn 20GYM approximately.
How soon can someone earn GYM?
Just as it has been stated in the whitepaper, earning GYM is very easy. All prospectus user need to do is to download the GYM application and start it. The app will monitor the user heartbeat rate as he/she is exercising and this will be converted to GYM token which can be accessed on the app. Token earn can be traded for ETH and BTC with all of these available on the GYM application. It is interesting to know that transaction fee which will be charged will be based on the token and not on ETH or BTC. That is when paying a fee for making a transaction, a certain amount of token will be charged instead of being charged in ETH and BTC like so many blockchain based technology use to do.
Who else can earn GYM?
Anyone can earn GYM through the referral program which enables everyone to earn referral bonus when a third party download the GYM app through his/her referral links. Trainer, GYM centres owners, instructors and other can earn GYM token through this referral program
Currently, GYM reward is on ICO stage which means investors can participate in order to purchase the GYM token which will also make them one of the first users of the technology. Token sold during the ICO will be used in developing the GYM application. In order to read more about GYM rewards kindly download the whitepaper here. For other questions and enquiries, you can visit any of the link listed below

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