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European Crypto bank want to add more flexibility to crypto asset trading

European Crypto bank (ECB) is a new project intending to create platform for trading of crypto asset. To many crypto traders, this might sound not new to them because a lot of crypto trading already exist. However many of these already established trading platform face some problem that require solution. Some of these problems will be highlighted below. Readers should take note that this review is not intended to damage reputation of any crypto trading platform which might be mention in this article but in case you find any of comment here not true you can contact us through this blog.

1. Scalability: this is one of the challenges facing many already existing crypto trading platforms. Due to large number of traders, some trading platforms find it difficult to scale up the number of users because these are not put into consideration during site development. Toward the end on 2017, binance face similar problem which lead them to temporarily remove the signup button on their platform and as at the time this article is being written bittrex do not allow signup of new member. ECB will probably be the solution to scalability problem as it offers a new and refined trading platform that has factor in such problem.

2. Conversion of crypto asset to fiat: this is the one of the challenge crypto trader face globally. Converting cryptocurrency to fiat is not easy especially during this period when many centralized bank is acting unfriendly to cryptocurrency because they see it as a threat. ECB promise to offer trader reliability and seamless transaction of crypto asset to fiat which is compliance with financial regulation in users countries. ECB is a registered company with financial institution in England, Italy and france.

3. Multilingual trading platform: This is also necessary and important in selecting platform to trade. Many already existing crypto trading platform are not multilingual as most of them only support English. Even binance which is one of the most used trading platforms does not support more than two languages. Just recently Huobi introduced another language. Platform that supports mult-languages is an important barrier to put into consideration when developing a crypto trading platform and this is the reason why ECB will be multilingual. Not only this but ECB will also provide user guide which will help new users to understand the platform very well and the guide will be available in at least 3 languages. More languages will be added later.

4. Financial and Trading Support: This is another feature lacking in some existing trading platform. Contacting customers care can be a little bit frustrating some traders complain bitterly in some trading forum how difficult it was for them before their support ticket are being answered. ECB will provide both financial and advices analysis by an analyst team and also robot advisor that easily understand human and respond instantly and provide efficient solution just like human being

It seems as if ECB understand what it will take to achieve all their objectives and ICO Match will not be surprise at all if ECB become the best crypto bank globally in the nearest future. ECB project startup is currently in Initial coin offering stage which give foreign investors opportunity to invest in ECB token. In order to participate in the token sales, you can visit ECB website listed below. To read more about ECB project you can download the whitepaper.






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