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Social Wallet providing comfortability for social network users

The social wallet is a new project startup intending to exploit the advantage of both blockchain technology and social network in offering services powered by both networks. Social wallet allows users of social networks such as Facebook and twitter to be able to send cryptocurrency to one another by making use of their respective social media username. In the review, ICO Match will highlight the key benefit that social wallet will offer not only on social media users but the general effect on acceptability of cryptocurrencies in the world. About a decade ago many of the social media that is making waves today (facebook, twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram etc.) do not exist.

Technological advancement in information technology and communication has brought forth new ideas which led to the development of social network today. Every minute, millions of users visit Facebook to share, comment, write and like posts. It is not surprising the platform has the highest numbers of registered users out of the entire existing social network. The social wallet is adding a new and exciting feature for social network users giving them the opportunity to send cryptocurrency to other users through their username.

The idea is very simple registered users will log in to their account on the social wallet (the account is created and link with individual social network account) and then type the username of someone he/ she want to send crypto. The amount to be sent will be entered and send to the person. Immediately the crypto is sent, the receiver will receive a notification which will prompt into login to check his/her account. In case the receiver does not have an account, he/she will be prompted to register before the amount received can be accessed. This is very interesting and it might be helpful for so many reasons. Take for examples when you read some pitiful post about a friend on social network lamenting how life has been uneasy for him and you wish to send him some cash. You can easily do this via social wallet. However, another interesting feature of the social wallet is that when someone receives notification social network that someone sends him/her a payment, other friends on the same platform will see this notification which means others can send the person crypto too if they are willing to do so. Social Network is not only bringing comfortability to social network users but also spreading the general acceptability of cryptocurrency for making payment globally.

Social wallet will also offer debit card to users making it possible for them in making transaction both online and offline just like fiat currency. The official social wallet token is Wire which can be exchange for BTC and ETH or Fiat on the social wallet platform. Social wallet will also allow users to earn free Wire by sharing posts from social wallet pages. The social wallet is currently open to foreign investors and interested person can buy wire token by participating in the initial coin offering which is currently ongoing. In case you are interested, you can visit their website here: or the token sales page here: In order to read more on social wallet project, you can download the official whitepaper here: For further question kindly visit any of the social media pages listed below or send mail to




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