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Genbby: Decentralized esport ecosystem where everyone is a professional

 The growth of Esport industry is on the rise. Thousands of online video games are being developed every year. As this industry continues to grow, limited or professional players are the major target of the developers as there are no room for beginners and for some average players, the passion for gaming is not feasible. Many new video game developers have not been able to address these barriers. Some of the other problem facing the industry is the issue of game pairing and level qualifier model development. They are practically not balanced they cause lengthen sluggishness which cause gaming communities to be unhappy because such problem bring unfairness. Many of these problems can be trace to absence of adaptive analysis of playing pattern of the players.

Genbby is a decentralized Esport ecosystem which intend to disrupt the video game industry by focusing on not only developing a completely decentralized video games but also focus on ecosystem with tools through which user can learn, train and even socialize. The ecosystem will focus in integrating artificial intelligent engines which makes it to be autonomous and above all a better model compare to some existing esport gaming platform. Furthermore, genbby will introduce a payment option using blockchain technology. As addition to the gaming ecosystem, players will have an opportunity to also make earn incentive by betting on individual skills when playing games. This will be completely new as this is completely a new idea which is lacking in centralized gaming platform. This will allow players to make profit form their interest.

Genbby Ecosystem will benefit everyone starting from the mere causal players to regular players and also from amateur players to professional players. Genbby is planning to achieve these through the so called exponential technology that combine adaptive and evolutionary process to give a better construction of video games with low operational cost. The ecosystem will rely on artificial intelligence in order to provide a competitive learning, training and socializing players on the platform through learning of behaviour of player and provide an efficient solution through creation of pattern and autonomous code  (autonomous system). In addition to this, autonomy of the system will however enable a progressive development that allows scalability in video game software which in turn allows players and developers to work without any problem.

Genbby currently open for investors through their initial coin offering programme through which participant can buy Genbby token (GG). The value of 1 GG token stand at $1 and the token sales has started and will end on June 16, 2018. Total token for sales is 50 million GG token and the currencies that are accepted for contribution include BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC and XRP. You can participate by visiting their website The token sold will be used in the development of the genbby ecosystem and the investors will be the early adopter of the project.
We believe Genbby will be a successful project and will be generally accepted when the platform is launched. For more details about the Genbby project kindly read the whitepaper 

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