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OFNOG set to trigger efficient cryptocurrency trading by combining AI and Deep Learning Technology

The rapid growth in cryptocurrency has led to increasing crypto trading among individuals and groups. Unlike traditional stock exchange where stock price movement is slow, crypto asset is very volatile because price index can be double or triple within short period of time and which is the reason why crypto trading platform uses bot. however, With increasing crypto market, traders are not allowed to trade effectively which is due to trading bot on the platform that has few pre- defined parameters which make prediction of crypto market to be difficult. While bot can give traders an hedge by allowing real time trading without need for trader to be watching market statistics 24/7, some trading platforms do not implement fully automated bot features (e.g. stop-loss function trading functions are not implemented in many trading platforms).

Artificial intelligent (AI) and deep learning (dl) offer an efficient, transparency and fair trading alternative which is far way better than traditional trading bots. By using AI and deep learning tools, crypto market can be monitored and vital data can be gathered through critical and detailed analysis of market histories. Such data can be compared with new data which can be used to predict the future market price of cryptocurrencies. Such predicted future market price will come in form of signals which in turn can be used by crypto traders to place order on different trading platform and cash-out huge profits. AI and deep learning will unlock new idea toward developing an automated bot/AI algorithm.

OFNOG is a blockchain based platform intending to disrupt the cryptocurrency trading process by introducing artificial intelligent (AI) and deep learning (DL) technology in order to bring new and efficient automation into cryptocurrency trading market. OFNOG is made of IT experts with wide and diverse experience in Information technology and blockchain based industries. The successful adoption of AI and DL into trading cryptocurrency will break the entry barrier for both new and experienced traders and it will allow them to make optimum profit by trading cryptocurrency.

Before we go to detail process on how OFNOG intend to incorporate AI and DL into developing a trading platform, firstly let me explain how AI works. Artificial Intelligent can be describe as a complex sets of mathematical algorithms in which information are recognized, understand and communicated to provide response in form of predictions. In trading, AI has capacity to interpret data from wide and diverse area which make it adaptive for crypto trading. In contrast to Artificial intelligent, deep learning involve a technology which uses machine languages to handle and analyse robust data.

The working principle behind OFNOG platform can be best represented as shown in the figure below. The market trends and pattern of trading in form of data of all cryptocurrencies and crypto-fiat pairs in various exchange platforms will be monitored by OFNOG bots and the data will be analyse by a special tools that use both AI and DL. This special tool will identify and suggest suitable entry to place orders for traders on OFNOG database. In case of situation where the market is not acting favourably, stop loss functions will be initiated by the bot. OFNOG will also integrate a market place where users can share trading strategies.

OFNOG is currently open to investors through Initial coin offering where OFNOG token will be sold. The ofnog token will be used as a medium of exchange on the OFNOG platform and will also be tradable over exchanges and other crypto trading platforms. For more details about the token sales kindly visit OFNOG website at https://www.ofnog.io. Facebook, Twitter, ANN, Email, Telegram
to read more about the project you can download the whitepaper here:whitepaper
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