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Productivist is building a Decentralized Ecosystem for manufacturing Industries

Productivist is a Project startup intending to develop a platform that allow peer to peer connection through which private and professional manufacturers can connect to their client thereby disrupting manufacturing capacities. Productivists is founded by Benjamin Pestel, Stanislas Gobert and Melissa Ibghi who have previously founded and developed which is a community of 3D printers through which consumers and 3D experts connect. Freelabster is a marketplace for 3D printing.

Through the productist blockchain, manufacturing industries will have global access to manufacturing capacities with adequate security and privacy propel by blockchain smart contract protocol.  Internet of things (IoT) has revolutionized the industry thereby making it probable for production to be efficiently managed by minor and smoother unit fragment. Through Productivist, a new and idea standard will be developed and introduced to the market with great assurance of value, objectivity and efficacy.

Furthermore, In order to explain reason why the manufacturing industries will need Productivist, let us first explain the major problem facing the industry. Technological advancement is driving company in finding means of expanding and maximizing their profit. Also, production capacity management has become another challenge for manufacturing industries and this is as a result of factors which include complexity of order, multiplicity of client, production distance and location etc. material or manufacturer sourcing is another challenge for customers which might involve the use of brokers. Such diversity make process tedious and generally increase production cost. Past transaction detail regarding proof of work give customers confidence when searching for searching for right services. However, many services providers lack previous transaction records.

productivist is the best available option that can solve many of this problem and make manufacturing company to achieve this because it will provide this manufacturing industries with an integrated and cost effective offer through which they can maximize their profit. Productivist will develop a hardware through which manufacturing machine can connect to the productivist blockchain which will make real time monitoring of production until validation at the end of manufacturing process possible. All data transfer will be secure without any form of manipulation by human. When all machines are connected to the productivist blockchain, informations such as production time availability can be detected and can send instruction to other available machines. Real time production monitoring will allow actual production capacity to be balanced and real solution to production schedule can be structured. 

When manufacturing machine is setup to connect to productivist blockchain, the owner of the machine will have the opportunity to have remote access to all the owners’ production schedule and when commercial mode is activated, production instruction can be send to the owner machine which will fill the voidage in production time without the owner intervention. Another important advantage of productivist is that, in as much as commercial mode is not activated; the use of productivist blockchain is free of charge. However for big users such as industries will pay for their private access.

Productivist Initial coin offering is still live. In case you are crypto investors and you are interested in investing in productivist kindly visit or social media pages; Facebook, Twitter, Telegram
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