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Sleekplay is on the edge of disrupting content monetization through blockchain Technology

 Sleekplay is a new project startup which intends to disrupt Traditional content monetization by introducing an ad free monetization through which reward is generated for users and content developer by computational power of the device used in accessing the content. This seems to be outstanding project which intend to solve many of the problem facing content developers. As we all know developers are looking for a smart way of making profit from their work. While some developers have opt for introducing premium services where users pay a sum of money before they can access the services, some developers are making use of content traditional monetization service providers such as Google ads.

Evidence has shown that a lot of users prefer using a free service instead of opting for premium account which means developers lose a lot of money he could have gotten from those users seeking for free access. Also traditional Monetization also has its own cons as well. Many users especially those one using mobile device find ads to be annoying. Some ads even interfere with media contents such video. The development of adblocker is another cons of using traditional monetization services. Many online users are now using ads blocking application to get rid of ads on many media platforms now. Traditional monetization rely pay developers based on the number of clicks and impressions but the conversion rate of the clicks and impression to reward is very low.

Sleekplay is the first of its kind where both developers and users will be rewarded. Sleekplay uses the computational power of developers and users to generate incentive for them. What this means that user will have the privilege to have fully free access to contents with quality experience (without presence of any ads) and the developers will generate their own income from the contribution of the users.

Sleekplay is a blockchain platform which uses a cryptonight protocol responsible for all cryptonote coin. When users visit sleekplay blockchain enabled monetization content, the power of their device is used (both mobile and other devices) in mining sleekplay token. due to the lightweight of the cryptonight protocol used by sleekplay blockchain, the process will be seamless on all devices (Laptops, mobile, game consoles etc.). since the sleekplay is being mined, the higher the number of time the user used on the platform, the more the number of hash generated and for every 1 million hash that is been generated, the developer will be allocated 70% of the total share. 25% of the hash generated will allocated for users while remaining 5% will be for the platform up-keep. The developers will be rewarded for every one million hash that is generated by the users. Interestingly, payment will be sent every 24 hours.

However, in case 1 million hash are not generated by the users, the developer will still receive income based on the amount of hash generated and also the same model applies to users. At end of every month, out of the 25% allocated for the users, 20% will be shared among users who meet daily engagement goal (average time used on the platform must not be less than 2 hours) while the remaining 5% will be share among those that does not make the engagement goal.
In order to boost the market value of sleekplay, the SKP token will be available for trading on the exchange platforms. Developers intending to use sleekplay blockchain will also need to open account on the sleekplay website and then link this account with any sleekplay powered application.
In case you are interested in investing in Sleekplay platform, you can join the Initial coin offering which is currently ongoing. Visit the sleekplay website for more details You can also download the sleekplay whitepaper here: 
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