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Spindle: Innovative Solution toward decentralized Asset managment and Trading based on Blockchain Technology

The global growth and awareness about cryptocurrencies is increasing year by year which in turn has contributed to growth of cryptocurrency trading however crypto traders are facing huge problems which include excessive regulation from government which has affected trading of cryptocurrency asset. Also excessive consumer protection by government has inhibited free trading of crypto assets. As a result of above problems facing cryptocurrency trading, Spindle is launching an initiative called ZETA which will solve the challenges facing cryptocurrency trading. Below are features ZETA will bring to cryptocurrency trading

Transparent and free investment and asset management: through ZETA initiative, a totally fair platform will be developed which will give people opportunity to invest and manage their asset without problem.

Automatic Credit scoring Processing: according to investopedia, credit scoring is a statistical analysis performed by lenders and financial institutions to access a person's creditworthiness. Lenders use credit scoring, among other things, to decide on whether to extend or deny credit. Credit scoring based on countries and companies are centralized and are calculated manually which give room for foul play. The proposed ZETA will implement automitization of credit scoring using autonomous human being which will give no room for subjective intervention of any authority as it appear in centralized organization.

As we have mentioned above, ZETA are developed in order to create an autonomous human beings which will help in a solving problem ranging from excessive government regulation of cryptocurrency and asset management related problems. However, ZETA will be developed by Spindle through four basic steps which will be explained as follows.

Service monitoring and reporting: the previously developed zeta-1 uses blockchain technology to monitor and report cryptocurrency activities. This service is free for cryptocurrency exchanges and investors. Zeta-1 allows users to be able to confirm fund profile, have access to past transaction and give report freely. All this will be delivered by using blockchain technology. Making important investment decision is very important to cryptocurrency trader. ZETA has a tool that allow investor to make good investment decision

Distinctive Distributed Exchange: the role exchange play in cryptocurrency trading is enormous. However, a centralized exchange is dangerous because massive loss of asset may occur just like what happened regarding Mt.Gox. Even though centralized exchange supposed to be controllable and predictable, they lack these and history has shown that they are risky. ZETA will offer a completely decentralized exchange (DEX) which will allow users to have sole control over their asset. The DEX platform speed will be high in order for seamless transaction. ZETA (ZETA_2) will also provide asset management which does not allow outsourcing of asset to others but allow user to follow chosen operators.

Distributed Credit Scoring system: data accumulated by Zeta-1 and Zeta-2 will be used in implementing a distributed credit scoring system which will be completely fair and transparent because it does not depend on individual, company or countries compare to the traditional centralized credit scoring system. For more information on Spindle project startup kindly visit the website https://spindle.zone/en or download the whitepapper here https://spindle.zone/en/?id=white-paper Announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3091671.0

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