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Coinnup: A multifunctional blockchain based platform for in depth cryptocurrency related services

Coinnup is a multifunctional ecosystem developed to solve many problem facing cryptocurrencies, traders, investors and other mean through which cryptocurrency are being used for. Coinnup is described as being functional because the platform is robust and it encompasses many of project startup being developed today
Coinnup platform will have many sub-platform which are being linked together to give a fully robust multifunctional website. Each sub-platform is being held to solve one or more problem facing cryptocurrency today. The sub-platform will include
1.    Smart exchange
2.    Marketplace for B2B and B2C
3.    ICO Launchpad
4.    Coin Ranking and Analysis
5.    Portfolio Management etc.
In this article, ICO Match will explain this entire sub-platform and the general problems these will solve in cryptocurrency market.
Smart exchange is one of the features of Coinnup. As we all know that crypto market traders face a lot of challenge today due to some problem ranging from high transaction charge, prolonged and ambiguous KYC verification, security issue etc. coinnup smart exchange will provide traders with over 150 top cryptocurrencies to trade from and in order to address security issue, Coinnup will be the first of its kind to introduce C-key to authorize transaction verification. This will be combined with password and 2FA in order to offer a secure user account.

Coinnup will also bridge the gap between Fiat and cryptocurrency by offering user the opportunity to withdraw crypto to fiat directly to their various bank accounts. This will be in agreement with various countries AML so that there will not be any bridge of contract. Coinnup will also provide users with crypto debit card thereby bridging the gap between cryptocurrency and fiat. One of the reason causing high transaction fees is as a result of many faces transaction undergoes before finally executed. For example its very common that before a token can be purchased. The trader will first need to buy bitcoin with fiat and after which the bitcoin will then be used in purchasing require token. Each of this process is subject to transaction fee which is deducted in each phase of the process. However, with coinnup user will have the opportunity to purchase desired token directly with fiat thereby saving transaction fee.

One of the earlier problem associated with holding cryptocurrency is the inability to use it in purchasing goods and services because many online merchant stores do not accept it as a medium of payment due to believe that cryptocurrency still lack features of being used as a currency. Today coinnup is bringing together the buyer and seller to a market place through which buyer meet merchant to buy goods and services using cryptocurrency.

ICO Launchpad is one of the features of coinnup which provide tools for listing of any initial coin offering. The Launchpad will promote any ICO which is being listed. Interestingly coinnup initial coin offering will be the one of the first in-house launched coin offering.
The existing cryptocurrency ranking and analysis is based on the market capitalization which is used in calculating the average global price of coin based on number of volume traded in exchange platforms. However this tactic do not really make an investors access the risk factors of the coin. Coinnup will provide a total breakdown analysis of crypto asset with more crypto analysis features. Coinnup portfolio will provide traders with tools to manage their crypto asset. Tools such as stop-loss function will be integrated for traders.
PMZ (paymaz) is the official token of coinnup and the token sales is currently live. Interested investors can join in participation in token sales by visit the website on for more details about coinnup, you can download the Whitepaper at
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