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eHarvestHub: A new Ecosystem for Decentralized Food Supply Chain

Global challenge facing farmers are enormous. Despite the fact that most of the foods we eat today are produce by them, many of them make little or no profit from their farm produce. More than half of the profit is taken from them by the so called middle men who are responsible for delivery of farm produce from farmers to grocers. Many of these middlemen are responsible for the selling price of the farm products when selling to grocers. They dictate the price which means the brokers and middle men may pay less for farm products and sell at higher price to grocers. The truckers are another set of people that are under paid. Truckers are responsible for movement of farm products from the farm to the grocers. Many of them spend a lot of time on the road conveying goods to the grocers. Most of them receive payment from the middle men. This pay does not really reflect the distance and amount of load they are carrying. Another Important problem which arises when middle men or brokers is being used is the quality of the crops that are deliver to grocers. Grocers do not have adequate knowledge about the history of the food they have bought because they are not buying directly from the farmers.

eharvesthub is here to disrupt the Supply chain in Agricultural industry by eliminating the use of middle men or brokers which will make farmers to make maximum profit from their farm product. Ehavesthub is using blockchain technology to bring smooth and fair transaction between the farmers and the grocers. Apart from making farmer to make more profit, grocer now will have adequate informations about the foods they are receiving from the farmers. Through eharvesthub platform the owe process is transparent and even truckers will have more profit. The platform is very simple. Ehavesthub platform is a marketplace which means both the farmers and truckers are registered on the platform. The platform is ethereum blockchain based which means informations and documents are stored in a secure ledger which makes the process very simple. Grocers that need a particular food will contact farmers directly through the platform. Information concerning the amount of products the farmers have in stock will also be available. Truckers registered on the platform will provide amount being charged per miles (distance). This will give grocers choice in selecting farmers for the right products and truckers based on the price charged on transportation.
Eharvesthub will be using its own token as the official currency for payment on the platform. Individual intending to transact on the platform will have access in purchasing EHH token using fiat in order to make payment on the platform. eharvestHub initial coin offering is currently live. The initial coin offering allow investors to invest in the project. In order to participate in the initial coin offering you can visit the eharvestHub website . For further information about the project kindly read the whitepaper Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Youtube, Medium

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