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KureCoin: Multifunctional platform for cryptobanking and crypto trading

Cryptocurrency is no more a new discovery. Statistics show that global acceptance of cryptocurrency as an asset is increasing while the traditional currency popularly refers to as fiat are been used as a method of payment, cryptocurrency offer comfort not approach by fiat and other digital currencies. Apart from being used as an asset, the underlying background through bitcoin is built popularly refers to as blockchain offer more flexibility which are not met by some other technology. Blockchain technology which is the backbone of cryptocurrency make possible reduction in transaction fee which is generally one of the problem faced by customers using fiat in centralized financial institution like banks.
Many users of online cryptocurrency face many problems which include difficulty in converting cryptocurrency directly into fiat. Some of them use local exchangers that charge exorbitantly for using third party in converting their cryptocurrency into fiat. Kurecoin is launching a kurecoin hub through which give users not only to buy and sell crypto but will also be able to save their cryptocurrency. Kurecoin hub can be compare to a local bank but a cryptobank that offer all services offer by traditional banks using their platform. Users banking on kurehub will receive dividends on each crypto asset that they hold. Furthermore, users on the kurecoinhub will have access to loan when they are needed. Kurecoinhub will offer loan up to 50% total cryptocurrency a user is banking on the platform.
Cryptocurrency traders are also facing challenges in trading cryptocurrency. This challenge range from; limited crypto analysing tools and bot that may help users with no trading experience. Kurecoin exchange is another platform integrated to help crypto traders in making seamless crypto trading without any fear of losing crypto asset. With kurecoin exchange, traders with no trading experience will be able to trade conveniently. The platform will be designed and equipped with bot couple with tools to help make perfect decision before buying or selling any crypto asset. Also kurecoin exchange will include many top coins which are generally available in the crypto market.
Lastly, kurecoin will also have platform for payment solution which will be refers to as ‘Kurepay’. Kurepay which is built using blockchain technology will have ewallet, payment gateway and a debit/credit card. Through the e-wallet integrated on the platform, Users will be able to fund their wallet directly using their local bank account, Debit/credit cards; USSD etc. kurepay payment gateway will work together with the ewallet which will be in a plug-in system which will allow third party to receive funds directly to their wallet. 
Kurepay will also provide users with kurepay debit card which allow users to spend their crypto just like fiat. Users will have opportunity to buy product and services using the card anywhere in the world. With kurepay debit card, the barrier between fiat and crypto is already broken. Kurecoin is already in the initial coin offering phase where crypto investors can purchase their token at discounted rate. For more information about token sales kindly visit https://kurecoinhub.io/ . You can read more about kurecoin on their whitepaper https://kurecoinhub.io/Kurewhitepaper.pdf.
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