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Multibuy set to move from centralized to decentralized system by introduction of MB8 Coin

It seems everything is going well with multibuy a known centralized royalty reward platform which has been in existence for more than a decade until recently it was realized the platform is expanding with more and more merchant using their eurocredit. Multibuy is growing very fast to a global marketplace where customers can book flight and buy goods and services using eurocredit. In order to reduce cost, which has greatly increased due to numbers of customer and merchant using the services, multibuy is moving to a completely decentralized ecosystem and a crypto coin called MB8 coin will be introduced as the new coin which will be used as alternative to eurocredit. One of the greatest advantages of blockchain technology is the fairness and transparent way in which information regarding data is being stored in a completely decentralized database which gives no room for alteration of any means.

As soon as the MB8 coin is introduced to the platform the previously used eurocredit will be replace by the coin and customers will be able to use it to make transaction on the platform. Another important advantage of the project is that just like many project startup today that have no working product, Multibuy has already existed and not only this, they also have many third party company using the royalty reward card. This mean a lot because the development of the platform is already in place and this article is being written, multibuy is partnering with 2100 company in order to grow more than before. With the new introduced mb8 coin, customers will be able to buy online and pay up to 70% mb8 coin and over 2100 businesses will be accepting mb8 coin very soon.

Multibuy has app which is available for mobile devices. With the introduction of mb8 coin, the app is being redeveloped to incorporate the coin and make the usage for making payment and royalty reward possible. As soon as the app is completely developed, users will have access to download the app in their respective app store.

Can Partnering with multibuy be more beneficial?
Businesses partnering with multibuy can benefit through increase in business from new customers and more awareness about brand. Also with the new introduced mb8 coin, there is more room to buy and also sell reward token in an open decentralized market compare to trading from a closed source with fixed market price.

Investing YES or NO?
With some problem relating to high volatility risk associated with cryptocurrency, crypto has been subject of discussion this days, project like mb8 coin will be a successful one because they are being backup with already existing market which means the ecosystem is not new. Investing in mb8 coin will not be a bad idea and from numerous initial coin offering been announced everyday mb8 coin will probably be one of the few successful one. Not only because they have already existing market but because of the current numbers of existing customers and business partner.

Token Sales
The token sales is currently live and investors can buy mb8 coin by visiting the website for further information about the project kindly read the whitepaper available on the website or you can download it here

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