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Node Haven is disrupting Crypo Mining manufacturing Industry

Since the discovery of the first cryptocurrency by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, the global mining of bitcoin has increased. Just like before when bitcoin can be mine by CPU (central processing unit) of computer, the race to maximize computer power has driven miners from transition first from CPU to GPU (Video card) and today the video card  has been replaced by a more powerful Application Specific Integration Circuit (ASICs) chips which are originally developed to mine cryptocurrency only.
ASIC have de capacity to process hashes at a very higher speed than previous equipment being used in mining cryptocurrency. For example, ASIC chips developed by Bitmain Antminer model S94 can process hashes at a speed 13,000 faster than what the best GPU video card (NVIDIA GTX 10805 GPU) can do. However the cost implication of developing these high powerful ASIC miners has make big manufacturers to be comfortable and they have also enter into crypto-mining operations. 

The mining will be profitable for ASIC Miners because the mining equipment will only be obtained at production cost since they are the one making them. The disadvantage of this now go to the individual miners because the ASIC manufacturers are in total control of both the distribution of mining equipment and also mining hashes because they decide how many miners are in the market and the people that purchase them meaning the cryptocurrency mining are now being centralized by group of manufacturers that are also operating like a third party mediators.
A BitMain AntMiner S9 ASIC miner 
The Node Haven is a versatile project startup that intends to decentralize the crypto mining industry by disrupting the local manufacturing process and control of ASIC mining equipments. The Node haven has the profit motive to achieve this decentralization which will make the reliant of miners on the ASIC chips produced by the centralized manufacturers less competitive.
The Node haven has developed a model through which crypto mining operators will be allowed to invest in the development of crypto mining equipment they will be using in mining. This will eventually combat the control that the centralized ASIC manufacturer are known for and will ease cryptocurrency proof of work decentralization as foresighted by Satoshi Nakamoto.

The Node Haven will develop the next generation of ASIC mining equipment for bitcoin and altcoin using a novel Production development vehicle (PDV) which will be make possible through the fund generated during the initial token sales (ITS). Firstly, the Node Haven will produce 7nm ASIC Bitcoin miner which will be reserved and be redeemed by mining operators using the Node token. some of the greatest benefit of the afore mentioned miner is that it will be very efficient in speed, electricity consumption and the size in term of area. The key benefit of using token sales is that it accelerates the product development process through quick funding, sincere engineering and production cost.

Another important benefit of this PDV ecosystem is that the managers are also the consumers that are being rewarded with the same NODE token that will later be used to redeem the miner products that is being produced. The readers should note that this article is written based on what is been explained in the Node haven whitepaper which can be downloaded here For further details about the token sales kindly visit the website
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