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Humbyl: First completely decentralized platform for online fantasy sport

Humbyl is a fully decentralized blockchain integrated fantasy sport platform that uses Ethereum based asset popularly refer to as HBL coin which give room for individual that serve as users to participate in fantasy sports activities anonymously on the platform, irrespective of the location. This means Humbyl will accept users globally to make use of their platform in order to enjoy fantasy sport activities.  Sport generally has always become one of the major events that put smile in the face of individual irrespective of the race, ethnicity or tribe. The global growth of the fantasy sport show that there is continuous grow interest among sport enthusiast and this is the part of the reasons why Humbyl is delivering an optimized and user friendly fantasy sport platform with integrate blockchain technology which make data and transactions safe, fast and secure. 

 Firstly, one of the major goals Humbyl has set aside to achieve is the creation one of the best user friendly platform which will be very easy to use even by someone that is new to fantasy sport. Creating a user friendly platform will give Humbyl an edge in achieving the targeted 300,000 users within the 1 year of launching. Also, Humbyl will create and build community of users thereby evolving in bridging the gap between celebrities and their lovers through various campaign and events. As a project who cares for the community, Humbyl will make sure HBL coin which is the official cryptocurrency of HBL is maintained and used well so that its value strong.
Fantasy sport is online gaming where participants arrange imagery or virtual teams of some real players of professional sports to make team which then compete based on performance of the players in actual game. For example, users participating in fantasy soccer will select team and players playing in real life and the team compete with one another. The performance of each member of the team will depend on actual performance in real world. Online Fantasy sports are not new. 
Humbyl app will be available for mobile and pc
 However many of the existing fantasy sport platform are completely centralized and they do not support users from all part of the world. Some do not accept participant from some country to join the platform. All due to its centralized nature participants need to provide their identity which may be dangerous if there is Security Bridge. Humbyl offer most transparent and completely fair online fantasy sport to the world. Contestant intending to participate in any of the sport available on the platform will need Humbyl coin (HBL) which will be converted to credit without any fee being charge.

Through humbly platform, user will have the opportunity to enter a contestant with their favourite sport professional. When a contest is one the credit are instantly transfer to the users wallet. Humbyl platform will be available on both mobile (Android and IOS) and window.
HBL is the official coin of the humbyl. It is ethereum blockchain based which will be used on the humbly fantasy sport platform. HBL are converted to credit which will be used to enter contest. The Humbyl coin sales is currently live you can visit to buy HBL coin
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