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Monarch is targeting a Novel Approach toward revolutionizing Cryptocurrency payment Industry

Cryptocurrency is no more a new discovery. As a digital currency, cryptocurrency offer more flexibility than other form of online currencies. Today there has been increase in use of blockchain technology which is the basis through which cryptocurrency depend on. Daily new project start-up always pops up intending to make use of blockchain technology to solve one problem or the other. This is because of the versatility of the technology which makes many projects adaptable for its use. As many people seek for more efficient, reliable, cost effective way to make payment online, cryptocurrency seems to be the way out but many crypto users face serious challenges due to low acceptability as a method of payments. Many online stores are still not implementing cryptocurrency as a payment processor due to problem such as high volatility rate of cryptocurrency and issue of security. Crypto users also face challenging in converting their crypto asset directly into fiat as many already existing project that allow buying and selling crypto directly from individual bank account charge high fees and also some other related problem is associated them.

Monarch is a novel project start-up intending to provide solution to many of the problem facing crypto traders, investors and hobbyist. It seems the monarch team really conducted a deep study to check what are the problem and how these identified problems can be solve in order to bridge the gap between the traditional currency (popularly refers to as fiat) and cryptocurrency. In this review, ICO MATCH will explain some of the major flavours Monarch is bringing into cryptocurrency payment world. One of the major challenge facing crypto users is the conversion of crypto asset directly into fiat without need for third party. Monarch will develop and application which will be available in both Apple store and also on windows which will link directly users account with respective bank account making it possible to be able to convert crypto to fiat and withdraw to respective bank account. Monarch application will contain both the cold storage and hot storage wallet.

These two wallets will accept BTC, ETH and ERC20 token (others will also be integrated). The hot storage just like the name suggest will be used for instant crypto transaction. Cold wallet is just like a saving account where all the above cryptocurrencies will be saved securely.

With the novel Monarch Identity Management, wallet users will be able to use just a single password for various services. New password is generated by monarch for each of the services but the users only need to remember one password in order to access the platform. Also for people who will like to manage various online media subscription account on a single platform. Monarch offer such feature which allow the users on the platform pay using both fiat and cryptocurrency and manage subscription services (such as Netflix, Amazon, Spotify etc). The features will be easy to use and any subscription can be terminated instantly without any delay. With monarch demystify exchange transaction, user will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at the best available price through direct integration with various exchange platforms such as Binance, coinbase etc.

For further details about many other features not reported in this article you can visit Monarch token at or you can download the whitepaper directly through the following link:

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