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Mozo will revolutionilized Foot Traffic for better Shopping experience for Customers and Retailers

Mozo token is a blockchain based project developed to be used for various loyalty reward program. One of the major ways to increase sales is to introduce a reward programme for customers that patronise retailers. Many of the existing loyalty reward programme are point based in which customers earn point anytime they buy some goods and services. This point can be used to claim goods and services freely. However point based loyalty reward have proved not to be bringing more traffic to business as it supposed to be which has make many businesses sort for other alternative to mitigating this concern. The reason why this is so can be explain in many ways.

Many customers that have a point based royalty reward do not even know how much point they have which means it’s very difficult to plan what to use the reward for since you do not know the worth of the reward you have earn from a merchant. Getting to know how much is in your Point worth is a rigorous process which involves calling reward card customer centres or better waits to receive email about your reward balance. This process may take time than necessary and many time customers discover that the reward point has expire before it’s been accessed. Also, merchants have different ways through which customers may earn point. However, point reward are generally not transferable which means customers that earn points as reward cannot gift another person the reward to be used. All these factors play a major role why merchant stores have been witnessing low turnout rate in foot traffic and above all fall in sales.

Mozo token offer most realistic and efficiently driven blockchain technology to improve foot traffic and upgrade loyalty reward which will be incomparable with the existing point based reward. Blockchain technology is a discovery which is no more new to crypto hobbyist, programmers and computer scientist. With a more transparent and efficient way through which it process and store information in a distributed ledger make it an idea technology through which loyalty reward can be improved. With mozo, customers will earn their loyalty reward in mozo token which will be freely be accessible which means users will be able to see their balance and will be able to plan well how and where to spend the token. mozo app which will be available in various app store for download and the wallet within the app will be available for both the merchant and customers. Merchant can purchase mozo token from exchanges and airdrop it as reward to their customers account. Retailers have total control on how they intend to reward their customers. Customers may be rewarded for discovery new goods and services or for buy items from retailers.

Through the wallet mozo coin will be transferable and will be available for spending in any retail store that accept mozo token. mozo will revolutionized loyalty reward and offer more and effective way of bringing more traffic to the retail store compare to the traditional available methods. For further detail about mozo kindly visit the website at in order to read more about mozo you can download the official whitepaper here for further enquiries you can visit any of the below social media links
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