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SUBAJ is disrupting existing reward system through the use of blockchain technology

The advent of blockchain technology has pave way for improvement of existing ideas and also development of more efficient ecosystem through which services are rendered more efficiently. Such creative idea is what is giving birth to SUBAJ global network (SGN). A project startup intending to create a platform where merchant, retailers and customers coexist strictly for mutual benefit. Through SUBAJ platform, individual merchant and retailers can create token which can be used as a royalty reward by customers. Loyalty reward is not a new discovery through which merchant and retailers use to drive foot traffic to their various stores. However traditional loyalty rewards are point based which is characterised with many problems which makes the goal of reaching more customers not to be achieved.  Customers have limited information about their point based reward. Some customers have many point based rewards from different merchants. Such reward cannot be accumulated and get used in a single merchant store because they operated independently.

Manifestation of these inadequacies has affected foot traffic in various stores globally. SUBAJ will bridge this gap that exist between merchants that offer loyalty rewards and consumers by creating a blockchain based platform through which merchants can create a smart token which will be used as loyalty reward among customers. These have many advantages compare to the traditional point based token which we are all familiar with. Firstly customers will have total information and control over the token reward earn. This means information such as the value of the token earns will be visible. Also just as it is being stated that many customers have loyalty rewards from different merchant, SUBAJ exchange platform allow exchange of reward token to another which means a user may decide to accumulate all his/her token for a particular reward token which can be used in a merchant store. Rewards are tokenized and geo dropped through geofencing technology into the customer account on SUBAJ blockchain platform.

On the SUBAJ Platform, various business token created by merchant can be traded with SBJ token. The SBJ token is a public token just like Ethereum and Bitcoin which will be available and can be traded in exchanges available on the market for fiat. Converting reward directly through exchange to fiat is one of the major advantage compare to the traditional point based reward in which point cannot be exchange for fiat except for product and services available on the merchant that offer such reward. 

SUBAJ charity foundation is another feature which will be introduce by SUBAJ Global Network which will be committed to serving the deprived and underprivileged children in the society. SUBAJ will be involved in some humanitarian project in order to reduce poverty rate and also create world free of discrimination, racism and gender inequality.
A SUBAJ token sale is currently live. 50% of the 5 billion total token created will be sold to be public. In order to take part in the token purchase kindly visit the SUBAJ website you can further read about SUBAJ by downloading the whitepaper here;
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