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CBNT is disrupting content sharing industry by offering rewards to users

Have you ever imagine how much time people spend on social media daily? Do you know how many people visit popular social media such as facebook daily? According to report published by Zephoria digital marketing, around 3 billion people worldwide use social media and out of this, facebook remain most popular social platform and it has more than 2.23 billion monthly active users as of July 2018, which is equal to 11 percent increase year over year. This means facebook remain the most widely disseminated and most common social network throughout the world. If such social media network has this huge amount of traffic then we should not be surprise about amount of profit being generated. To cut the story short, the financial report published by facebook shows that the total amount of revenue generated in Q1 is around $12 billion. This amount is generated from mostly advertisement on the platform. Despite of this huge amount of money facebook is generating mostly through advertisement on user profiles, not even 0.1% is shared among the users that provide the contents through posting sharing on the platform. The worst part of it is that many similar social media platform do have term and privacy that indirectly control what users can post on such platform. This is because such platforms are centralized and users are not engaged in revenue sharing model.

CBNT is about to revolutionized social media by offering a decentralized platform through which users are reward for posting and even viewing content. This is will be delivered through the help of blockchain technology and an ecosystem model of DPGC (Decentralization Professional Generated Content) that offer transparent and fairness to the way information are being processed on the platform. By engaging on CBNT platform, everyone will be able to mine CBNT token through creating, sharing, and liking and view contents on the platform. CBNT will create a versatile ecosystem for all everyone that include content/articles writers, content readers that are refer to as viewer, advertisement publishers and finally CBNT token holders (investors included). On this CBNT ecosystem, will receive tokens in form of mining rewards. Also when the CBNT community grows and a lot of traffic is being generated, all the profit of several ads will also be gifted to all of the participants on the ecosystem. CBNT token will complies with the rules of the free market economy which is not peculiar to blockchain technology; everyone that have helped in contributing to the development of the ecosystem will benefit from it financially model generated through the platform thereby solving the problem facing users on the traditional social media platform which include: limited content quality as a result of the attention economy. Creation of content which is time consuming and valuable to the platform by content creators while their work are transform for the benefit of the of such centralized institution. Also restriction of content viewers and communicators in sharing financial value generated from the content.

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