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organicco is making worth out of waste

Waste management is one of the major ways of converting organic waste into useful and important material. Majority of waste generated today are solid waste (municipal) which are good source of renewable energy. Despite the fact that many have discovered the usefulness of this organic waste, a lot of people are still yet to explore this opportunity. The advent of green technology has made it possible to be able to convert these organic materials to useful products which include organic fertilizers, animal feeds, biomass fuel (methanol) etc.

Organicco ( ) is a company based in United Kingdom which has existed for a decade with aim of developing means of producing green organic products. Organicco has developed working strategies through which organic waste can be used to produce useful organic product through green technology. In order to explain more on this, organicco will engage green tech solution, a pioneer green technology company that focus on design and fabrication of green technology equipment using ecoHERO for production of organic fertilizers and ecoDRYER for animal feed productions. In order to achieve this, organicco is currently launching an initial coin offering which will serve as an investment plan into the organicco project. The money raised during the initial coin offering sales will be used in running the project. Organicco will possibly be one of the most transparent ICO due to the fact that investors will benefit from the token purchase which will serve as a proxy for buying share in form of investment. Apart from this, as we all know that most ICO do come out without any working product which might later result in loss of investment when such project fail to realize the objective. Organicco have over 15 million worth of project which will be developed in United Kingdom and Canada.
 Another project which will be handled by organicco is the development of payment platform which will be available for exchange of token to fiat at low fee. As we are all familiar with high cost and stress involve in paying for services abroad, easipayer system allow customers interested in buying organic fertilizers abroad to be able to do so using the platform. Interested client will able to buy easipayer token using fiat on both web and mobile wallet which will be available on android and apple store. Transaction fee as low as 0.50% will be charged for the service in addition to the mining fee. Easipayer system will be available for commercial traders such as farmers that has a dairy farm that interested in being paid on delivery milk and for other business that traded across the border using credit card.

In order to take part in the token sales you can visit the organicco website at or send you enquiries to and in case you reside in UK and you want to visit organicco, organicco is located at Gardiner Building, Brunel Science Park, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB8 3PQ.
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