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Shopin to create decentralized shopper profile for ecommerce and retail store

One of the major problem facing retailers is the issue of data set. Many retailer sites have data history that is not relevant and incomplete. This affects ecommerce customers’ experience. May retailers have noticed this and this has make them to turn into using behavioural marketing strategies through which big data that make assumptions relating to customers behaviour when they visit retail site. Also some retailers buy data from third parties. Such data may not be relevant or be obsolete and such idea might result in retailer facing infringement for collecting data without consent of the users.
However there are some ecommerce marketplaces such as amazon in which all retailers share purchase information on a customer and also all shoppers have unified profile on this marketplace. This make it possible for retailers to directly  show consumers correct items at exact price which allow the shopper also to control different orders within a single support. 
Shopin is an open decentralized platform intending to help retailers in boarding their database of customers to a single shopper profile and also there purchase data history will be passed into the profile. Shopin can be term as a decentralized version of popular Amazon using blockchain technology that will create completely universal shopper profile for retail and ecommerce. Through the help of shopin retail site will have precise product recommendation for customers which will be based on full view of past history of shopper and other purchase data.Shopin bring stability to retailers by increasing the rate at which transaction is being converted which reduces loss in marketing. Through shopin, shoppers will have efficient and effective product recommendation which make them to make decision quickly and reduce the time spent on shoping and also shoppers will have total control over their data which is share online which is not possible on some centralized marketplaces.

 Also users will be able to receive gift by sharing their profile. Not only this, other benefit which is synonymous to what is available on amazon platform such as  a click check out on retailer site, managing of returns from shoppers app and also one wishlist for entire web will be available through the shopin platform. shopin will also introduce a mobile app which consist of wallet which will also allow shoppers to be detected on retail web and their purchase history data will be available. Shopin allow retailers to thoroughly understand their customers based on what they are looking for on retail site and this will be used to make recommendations. Shopin app will not only store and distribute data in an encrypted format but will also secure the data by making use of standard encryption technique.

The shopin app will also have a wallet which will be used for sending and receiving shopin token. shopin token will be used as incentives for partnering with retailers. For more information about shopin and also participate in the tokensale, you can visit the website at to read more about shopin you can download the whitepaper directly from this link
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