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Sportsfix to redesign Digital Sport content distribution

Sport has become the major form of entertainment that harmonizes people globally irrespective of the race, culture and religion background. The just concluded 2018 world cup is the perfect explanation toward the love the people throughout the world have for soccer. Despite the enthusiasm derived from sport, many people around the world still fall short of deriving the pleasure other derive from sport. This is attributed to some major challenge in getting access to live sport. To get access to sport content globally is very expensive and difficult particularly in some third world countries with low standard of living. Recently in Nigeria, majority of the people that rely on major cable TV provider called Dstv are made to pay more money due to increase in the subscription package despite the fact that this cable network provider has recently lost tv right to show English FA Cup and EFL cup. Many people continue to source for alternative in order to meet their hunt for better sport view at low cost. 

One of the major reason why many cable network provider charge high fee for majority of their customers that want sport content is because subscription packages are majorly bundled with some other undesirable and biased content thereby increasing the cost and users will not have options (especially in some countries where cable network provision is being monopolised) than to pay high fee in order to enjoy the sport content being provided. Another reason for increase in subscription package is the number of phases (middle men) involve before services get delivered to the users. Many users cannot get content directly through the content Right holder except through middle men which make the cost increase. In fact many people believe the bulk sum of money in the cable tv services is shared among the middle men and not the content holder. Well things is about to change for good now.

Sportsfix will redesign and re-strategize sport content distribution by removing the barrier that make access to sport content difficult by using the power of OTT (Over the top) and blockchain technology. With sportfix, middle men are completely removed and users are connected directly to the content holder within the Sportsfix ecosystem. Through sportsfix, the right holders will have more revenue and and users will be well connected to their favourite sports on the platform. Sportsfix will be the new face for sport content marketplace for all providers and consumers of sport globally.

Token Distribution after sales
Sportsfix is currently in initial coin offering stage (ICO) where SF token are being sold for investors that will latter become the earlier adopter of this revolutionized sport content marketplace. 800 million SF token are issued out of which 440 million SF token will be sold in both the pre-ICO and public crowdsales. During the pre-ICO stage, investors will get 50% discount for the first stage ($0.05) and 30% discount for the second stage ($0.07) after which SF token will be sold for $0.10 during the public sales. In order to participate in the initial coin offering, you can visit the Sportsfix website on For further information and enquiries kindly visit some of the link listed below

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