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Top Reasons why INGOT Coin is an ideal place for stakeholders and Entrepreneurs

INGOT COIN ( is a blockchain based decentralize ecosystem which intend to revolutionized and  bridge the gap that exist between cryptocurrency and traditional financial market through integration of basic financial components that provide solutions to the major challenge facing traders, brokers, entrepreneurs and individuals that are part of financial market.
One of the major challenge face stake holders is the problem of diversification of asset which is very difficult to access and high transaction fee which make the individual within the ecosystem not able to do so. With the INGOT coin stakeholder are provided with tools which make trading and diversification easy and lower transaction fee. INGOT ecosystem relies strongly on client which will be introduced to the platform through distinct services which cannot be found anywhere. One of the core components one INGOT ecosystem which this article will discuss majorly about is the INGOT coin Brokerage which provide the platform through which many financial services can be accessed. The financial product which will be available on the IC Brokerage include currencies available in fiat, equities, ETF and commodities which include Agriculture metal and energy. With the IC brokerage which is integrated on the INGOT platform, stakeholders will be able to manage their financial product well through efficient and reliable market pricing of the commodities and other product. 

Also through the IC Brokerage, individual will be able to maximize their investments available in their portfolio. With further integration with IC exchange and IC wallet which are also key component of the INGOT Ecosystem, users will be able to trade instantly different combination of products which varies from crypto/stock to crypto/commodity and vice versa. This go a long way to show how easy it is for traders to diversify their investment if there is need to do without exorbitant transaction fee or short duration of time to do so.

Another key feature of INGOT ( which will impress the young, vibrant and talented individuals that are working toward becoming a successful entrepreneur is the IC ICO Accelerator which aim at providing fund to fuel the creation and development of novel project. Through the IC ICO Accelerator, the entrepreneur will be guided in order to achieve a successful project by providing additional support which includes marketing services, Public relation services content creation and also legal services. Through the IC ICO accelerator ICOs will be allowed to list their token through IC exchange thereby giving room for better sales and equitable price without doubt.

Can INGOT COIN be successful?
There is no doubt the project will be successful. With $40,000,000 INGOT coin token already sold during the preICO and many and more investors trooping everyday to invest in this project. Another reason why ingot coin will be successful is because of the fact that INGOT Network is not new in financial market. According to the information available on their whitepaper, INGOT has been in financial market since 1993 and they have establish successful project across the Middle East and Africa
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