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Zeex is to create a protocol that allow crypto to be use to buy goods and services directly

One of the challenges facing cryptocurrency is the general acceptance as a means of payment for good and services. This is very important because when cryptocurrency holder is limited to what the coin can be used for, it become a challenge. Despite the fact that some few shopping website such as neweggs are accepting bitcoin, there still a long gap in general acceptability of crypto asset. This problem is attributed to general believe that cryptocurrency lack the features which make it to be used as ledger tender. This believe is not true because cryptocurrency is one of most secure asset ever created which can only be used to offer payment but the blockchain technology which is the bedrock of cryptocurrencies offer degree of fairness which many other digitial currencies which are generally accepted lack.

Today many ecommerce and retail store offer gift card and voucher which give customers ability to buy goods and services through this cards. However, despite the fact that many of these stores do not accept crypto, history has shown that there has been an increase in number of customers using these vouchers. For example, in 2016, the market capitalization of retail vouchers was put to be around $700 billion. This amount is expected to be double by year 2020. This goes a long way to show the real business potential in retail voucher and gift card. Despite these tremendous opportunities in term of usage, gift card and retail vouchers possess many weaknesses which are really affecting the growth and if this is not taking care of, it might be a silent killer to the business. 

Firstly, due to its volatility and ease of use, gift card is prone to forging and also double payment which in turn is the reason while transfer between holders are usually limited. Furthermore, there have huge demand for gift cards and many of the retailers and store offering them do not have the capacity to deliver to customers requesting from them and lastly, gift cards just like traditional debit cards have expiration date which means customers might not be able to exhaust the card before expiration date. This limitation have make gift cards to lack the capacity of storing value.
To every problem there will always be a solution and this is the reason why Zeex is introducing a blockchain base technology not only to solve the major problem associated with gift card and retailer voucher but also to fully unlock the potential in cryptocurrencies thereby increasing the general acceptability of it as a medium of payment for goods and services and beyond. The idea is very simple. Zeex introducing a decentralized blockchain base platform that allow cryptocurrency to be used in purchase of goods and services through Zeex protocol. The Zeex protocol is based on Ethereum network which for many of our reader that is familiar with the ethereum blockchain will understand how transaction are stored in a secure ledger which prevent alteration by anyone. Zeex protocol will offer an efficient, reliable and secure way through which users can use cryptocurrency to buy goods and services. for more detail on Zeex you can visit https://www.zeex.me/

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