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ASOBI a decentralized distributed platform for trading digital content

One of the benefit digital content is being tradable. However, finding a platform through which you can easily upload your digital content, have a license issue for such content and be able to sell it is the major challenge. One of the common and most profitable businesses among application developers today is the selling of their digital content such as games, utility software etc. And this is generally done by firstly acquiring license then proceeds to be listed on app store. Individual that wants to access such content will have to pay for them before they can be downloaded. 

ASOBIMO (website: ) is a Japan based company established in 2003 specialized in development of mobile game applications. They have over 500 employees and with a capital net worth of 4.8 million. ASOBIMO will develop a complete decentralized content distribution platform using blockchain based technology that provide a secure cloud system popularly refer to as Decentralized Security System (DSS). Through the p2p distributed content platform, users will be able to buy and sell contents which include; comic books, games, music etc. Aside this, individuals will be able to resell their content back through the secondary content platform. One of the problems associated with reselling of already purchased contents on digital platform is inability of original authors and publishers of such content to be able to get royalty but ASOBIMO is taking full control of this by making sure original authors and publisher get certain percentage of the selling price of any content which is been resell on the platform. ASOBIMO ( ) fully rely on SWITEX, a Germany based decentralized blockchain platform that specialized in digital content management. Through the use of the distributed content platform, when a user resell a digital content, the reseller will get 50% while the original publisher of such content will get 35% and the Author will be entitled to 15%. To further explain this, let us assume Mr A bought a comic book and after reading it, he wants to sell back the book on the ASOBIMO platform for $4. Them Mr A will be paid $2 while the original publisher of the comic good will gets $1.4 and the author will get $0.6.

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Another key benefit of using ASOBIMO platform for distribution of content is the ease through which a license is being acquire when a user need it for their content to be sellable on the platform. Not only this, through ASOBIMO platform, content creators have opportunity to sell their licence to third party through the platform and one such license is sold then the seller do not have right whatsoever to claim the ownership of such content anymore. ABX is the name of the ASOBIMO coin. It is a coin which will be used as mode of payment on the platform. ABX coin will be available on exchange after the crowdsales. ASOBIMO is currently offering an initial coin offering where ABX coin will be sold for investors that will be early adopters of the distributed content platform. 
 For more information about the initial coin offering you can register on the platform at  for more informations you can visit of the links provided below

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