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Dominium a decentralized property trading and management platform

One of the biggest advantages of blockchain technology is a decentralized approach through which data are being handled which make data transaction secure, reliable and very transparent. No wonder the bedrock of many project start-ups today is the blockchain technology. While vast majority of project today is making use of blockchain technology, there seems to be some individual who still don’t have perfect knowledge on how much work can be done using this technology. One of those projects that tend to unlock another multiplicity and dynamic functions of blockchain technology is the Dominium. Dominium is a decentralized blockchain based ecosystem for real estate trading and property management. Investment in real estate has become one of most secure and reliable business globally but investing in real estate also has some disadvantages and among this is problem associated with liquidity of the asset. Money used in investing into real estate is always tight to a long duration of term which is quiet uneasy to come in or exit the investment. Also another problem associated with real estate is the barrier associated into entering the business. It is nothing new that real estate investment is being class as type of investment for distinguished wealthy individuals that have a lot of money or group of people with huge net-worth. Dominium has presented herself as a revolutionized real estate ecosystem which will remove the barriers that exist in traditional real estate investment.
Dominium ecosystem will integrate two platform that offer distinct services. One of the platforms will take care of real estate investment. Through this platform, individuals, corporate bodies and organization will be to participate in services which include but not limited to property listing, properties sales and purchase, property rental services etc. the second platform uses blockchain technology to manage properties belonging to individuals. This platform allows everyone on the ecosystem to be able to record information on the blockchain. This information is fully secure and transactions within the ecosystem are transparent. Dominium is making use of the Ardor blockchain which was built on Nxt blockchain technology meaning dominium will be exploiting functions of two powerful blockchain technologies on a single platform. The Ardor platforms also have two separate parts that include both the main chain and child chains. The child chain is specifically created to suite business due to some associated features and application. Using this platform will allow total and full fairness of property financing, management recording, property listing, rentals etc. 
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Dominium is fully complying with government regulations and this is the reason why dominium is introducing KYC verification for everyone interested in joining the platform before they can access the full function. The verification process is divided into three stages which are called clearance level. The clearance level 1 (CL1) is the first step and in order to pass this clearance level, users will provide and verify email address, mobile phone and means of identification. The clearance level 2 (CL2) will require Proof of address, tax identification number and bank account details while clearance level 3 (CL3) require Self Certification of HNW status. In order to participate in the Dominium initial token offering (ITO), all participant will require to pass at least clearance level 1 (CL1). For more information on Dominium project, you can visit the website on or visit any of the links provided below
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