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Cryptonity: A more interactive ecosystem for cryptocurrency exchange

Cryptocurrency trading has makes the existence of exchange platform to be growing rapidly. Every day new cryprocurrency are being listed on an exchange. While some exchanges are still struggling due to lower daily trading volume, many large exchange platforms are facing serious security challenges because they are the major target by hackers. Security which is the major challenge facing cryptocurrency has become one of the major factors traders considered as high priority before opening a cryptocurrency platform. Even though no exchange platform can be 100% secure, previous security bridge of Etherdelta which is a decentralized platform has shown need for more secure platform.  Another challenge facing users on some already existing exchange platform is poor customer relationship. Many of these platforms are more focused on listing coins that will eventually pay their costly fees. They do not provide adequate updates and do not make any improvement to their platform. All they are interested in is making huge profit. When it comes to exchange platforms that hold coin worth billions of dollars, it is very important for such platform to be more transparent by providing their location, certificate of registration and information about possible regulations and licence to operate in such location. It is very sad that most of the exchange platform available today cannot provide many of this information which makes users of such platform in danger of their coin being freeze if such platform faced with legal suit for operating illegally.

Cryptonity is a new project startup intending to create a community based exchange platform that bring the users together and deliver an effective and efficient Cryptocurrency trading experience. Cryptonity is aware of all the flaws and the problem facing users and existing exchange platform and the solution to this problem is what give birth to Cryptonity exchange platform. The first factor to consider as a trader before joining platform is the robustness of the platform in term of the security that is put in place to protect crypto asset and this is the reason while Cryptonity will partner with a security firm in order to develop an approach in finding the best and most secure way of protecting the Cryptonity exchange platform. Cryptonity will be committed in integrating some security tools which include but not limited to anti-phishing code, two factor authentication, fingerprint unlock, FIDO U2F security key. Etc. Cryptonity will also introduce insurance policy for users on the platform. This will allow users to get refund in case of loss of crypto asset.

Insurance policy is one of the newest concepts which not common practice by some already existing crypto exchange platform. This shows cryptonity care not about the income but also about the users on the platform and in order to show more of this, cryptonity will also a feature request ticket, in which users will be able to contribute to the development of the platform by stating some of the features they will like to see more on the platform. In order to make sure the platform bridge the barrier that exist in language, Cryptonity platform will be multilingual and it will be available in more than 5 top speaking languages in the world. Another aim of the cryptonity is to make crypto asset withdawable directly to fiat via SWIFT and bank transfer. This will be available ones require licence is obtained from these direct providers. For great features cryptonity intend to integrate with their exchange platform, you can download their whitepaper available here:

Also in case you are interested in participating in their token sales make sure you register and be whitelisted on All other information can be gotten from any of the social pages which are provided below

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