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CYBR is already building the Next generation Cyber Security Ecosystem

Security bridge is One big problem commonly threaten the system of many platform on the internet today. Thousands of threats carried out on many platforms every day. Blockchain projects are not leftover in this serious attack. Bancor Security Bridge that happened just few months to launching in 2017 is still fresh in our memory. Over $20 million worth of asset were lost during the process. Website hacking and other internet related crimes are not unique to crypto alone. In 2017 it was reported in United State of America that around $170 were hacked from almost 1 billion consumers in the world. You can see how much can be lost due to cyber related crime. This is a clear indication that cyber-crime should no longer be overlooked as it is a threat to new and already existing technologies that are supposed to reconstruct the world and this is the perfect time to protect the blockchain. 

CYBR is an innovative compilation of information combine with software to provide a complete security solution which will not only optimise the blockchain but will also protect Cryptocurrency wallets, various transactions by the smart contract which is being created on blockchain and other activities and take place within the blockchain. CYBR offer protection through two major methods. Firstly, the blindspot which is proprietary software that identifies countless numbers of threats and the second method is the CYBR portal that use a real time data feed. It is important to know that threat identification is one thing, removing threat and preventing the re-occurrence is another important action. One major drawback most standard Antivirus available today on the web is that they can identify the threat but don’t totally remove the threat neither do they prevent re-occurrence of such threat in the future. This is because many malware on the internet today have adapted to the system and they can change and replicate another version of recognized virus. 

The Blindspot doesn’t identify threat only but also detect any illicit file associated with the threat and disrupt them. Blindspot capture threat related activities by sending a combination of machine learning in conjunction with Artificial intelligence and ones this is determined, the information are shared to the protected community through blockchain. One interesting fact about CYBR is that individuals can be rewarded in form of incentive for identify threat, provision of actionable intelligence and also be detecting and reporting any threat related activities.All this will help in augmenting data that is running with the blindspot. The CYBR portal is made up of an ecosystem which provides real time protection and other threat intelligent activities in addition with Blindspot. The CYBR portal consists of features which include; Threat intelligence, Verification, Token exchange capability, download and also support page. The CYBR portal will also provide CYBR wallet that houses the Token Name Service. This Service (i.e. Token Name Service) decrease all public addresses into common names. Other features of the wallet include facial recognition and biometric competence. For further information about CYBR you can read the whitepaper which is available at the bottom of this post or visit the website at

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