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London Block Exchange Redefine Easy Exchange of Cryptocurrency to Traditional Fiat

Many existing Cryptocurrency trading platform are faced with numerous problem ranging from absence of eminent enlightening resources, untrustworthy and unrealistic banking engagements, uncaring and awkward customer service teams, very high and smoky trading fees, unattractive user design platform and unsatisfactory user experience. London block exchange (LBX) is ready to solve many of these problems. With business based in London, LBX is a regulated Cryptocurrency trading platform that is ready to revive, strengthen and to buttress London’s standing as one of the world front runner in making of deal and creating of new opportunities. LBX is providing solution by offering the services which are needed within a secure and user friendly environment for individuals and Small and Medium size Enterprises (SME). With thousands of active users already attracted to LBX platform, LBX continue to show dominance in term of consistent growth despite the current challenges affecting Cryptocurrency market. 

LBX is obligatory to improvement of their existing utility token, development of a security token exchange and creation of a new decentralized exchange for trading of cryptocurrencies. LBX will integrate blockchain technology into their financial services infrastructure which will help in tokenising both real-world assets and other traditional products that include equities, bonds and real estate. As we all know that security is very important in any Cryptocurrency trading platform and this is the reason why LBX will focus greatly on development of platform with high level of security to protect the asset within the ecosystem. The security LBX is implementing is of bank grade and deep cold wallet will be used in storing of cryptocurrencies. Also LBX will offer insured custodian services which will offer relative institutional levels of safety and security for crypto assets and also users will have total control over their asset.

Bridging gap between traditional fiat currencies and cryptocurrency has become one of the obstacles that many crypto trading platforms have been fighting for a long time. This is because cryptocurrency value and usage is still tied to fiat currency. Many existing crypto trading platforms are having difficulties in offering a reliable and consistent crypto to fiat conversion and this is because these exchanges are having difficulties in securing partnership with banks. However in order for cryptocurrency market to mature, crypto traders need to gain access to traditional banking services directly using crypto. As a properly regulated exchange platform, LBX already provides banking access through fiat to cryptocurrency trading and withdraw currently for customers in the United Kingdom. LBX is in the process of harnessing this service in other countries. As an establishment that truly respect the rule of law, LBX will continue to respect and embrace each countries legislative and economic framework in order to be more successful compare to other unregulated competitors. LBX believe that education is very critical in developing healthy market and this is the reason why they are providing detail educational content accessible through the London block exchange college of crypto available on the LBX platform

LBX already launched the mobile application on google store and apple store. This app make it possible for users to make payment very fast. Also LBX Pay is another enhanced payment service account that will allow users to convert cryptocurrency directly to fiat. Also users will be able to deposit fiat directly through this LBX Pay. LBX Pay also makes it possible for the users to make payment to third party e.g. merchant and some other utility providers.

For further details about LBX kindly visit the website at or you can also download the whitepaper available on the website provided below. Don’t forget the token sales is on and you can look out on this blog for more exciting news about London Block Exchange 

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