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Probit join the raise to become the best global asset exchange platform

The development of cryptocurrency trading platform is not something new. However,  the major challenges facing already existing platform have crave way for development of new platforms that solve already identified problem associated with trading platform. One of this is the issue related to scalability. As trading platform such as binance and bittrex countinue to witness high numbers of new traders into their platform, it become a huge problem to integrate this new member to their already existing platform and that has led to many big crypto trading platform to stop accepting members and take down the registration links on their website. Security is another challenge facing cryptocurrency. Every year, Asset worth millions of dollars are lost due to cyber security attack. Phishing and API hacking have become rampant this days. Around March 2018, Binance that happened to be biggest crypto trading platform around the world suffers partial security threat. If such great platform is still suffering security challenge, you can imagine how much more other crypto trading platform might face.

Probit is one of the newest and most promising cryptocurrency trading platform that has fully identified the major challenges facing not only the crypto trading platform but also the crypto traders and this has led to the development of probit digital asset exchange platform. Probit is pursuing building the world secure digital asset exchange platform for all crypto traders. One major priority of probit is Security and this is because they have identified that security is key issue that prevents widespread acceptance of cryptocurrency as an investment asset.  ProBit platform will store at least 95% of digital assets in cold wallet which is offline storage that offer swift protections of digital asset against and form of theft or loss. Informations in form of data within probit ecosystem will be stored in an encrypted algorithm and informations relating to wallet and private key are protected by being encrypted in multiple time. FIDO U2F is one of the strongest hardware security devices available today in the market which provide more security by offering a dynamic authentication technique which can only be confirm by the hardware device. Probit platform will also support this device by offering additional authentication features aside the well-known google authenticator. 

Probit will also adopt more security protocol for enhanced security which includes the session management that monitor the level users’ activities within the platform and time out session are initiated when it’s required.  Other security integrations also include SSL (HTTPS). Probit will be fully protected from all forms of security attack such as SQL injections, XSS and DDOS attack Aside Security, Performance is another major important features probit is focusing on. This very important in order to make sure traders have the best experience by trading on the platform. Probit offers high performance exchange platform which consist a matching engine which is one of the fatest in the world among crypto exchange platforms, the platform have capacity to handle more than 1 million transactions in a second and the rate at which these transactions are being process is very fast and consistent. All these features will allow traders to have more advantage in crypto trading market.
For more information about Probit kindly visit the website at or download the whitepaper directly at . you may contact the probit team via the social links posted below:

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