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Cointorox introduce a Digital Piggy Bank

Cryptocurrency has become a form of asset which is known globally today and can be used in many ways. While most acceptable form of cryptocurrency (i.e. bitcoin) is commonly mined, there have been some challenges in exchanging this coin locally. Finding local exchangers can be stressful due to rigorous verification process and also delay in payment settlement during bank transfer. Investing in cryptocurrency related project require experience and perfect understanding of the market. Many people that are new in investing in such project may need a lot of time and energy in order to understand the trend due to high level of risk that may be involved. Cointorox is a new project start up that will create an ecosystem that will assist users to make strategic plan in acquiring cryptocurrencies in a timely manner. Cointorox ( provide services which can variably be compare to piggy digital bank that help in saving cryptocurrencies within a completely secure environment. 

Core Features  
Cointorox platform will provide users accessibility to cryptocurrency saving through purchasing of two distinct packages using either paypal or debit/credit card. These packages differs base on the amount of fiat you are willing to save in acquiring cryptocurrencies on the cointorox platform. The two major package that will be available on the platform include the Basic packages and advanced packages.

Basic Packages
The basic packages consist of three major savers with maximum amount in each savers ranging from $9 to $99. Basic packages are subjected to repeated monthly savings which will be made in dollars through paypal or debit/credit card payment.

Advanced Packages
The advanced packages are also subdivided into three savers with amount ranging from $100 to $10000 which are subjected to just one off saving payable through paypal and credit card as well. 

Cryptocurrency Selection 
When the users have purchase any package of their choices then they will be allocated certain cryptocurrencies including the Cointorox token. Selection of cryptocurrency to be allocated to users will be done by the cointorox team. This is to make sure that users have cryptocurrency with low level of risk in their wallet. The percentage distribution of allocated cryptocurrency will depend on the market price at that period.

Security and Transparency of Cointorox platform
Security is very important in cryptocurrency especially in such platform like cointorox that might be holding thousands of users. All data on cointorox platform will be fully encrypted and will be backup on several servers. Also coin will be stored on both hot and cold wallet. Any transaction and funds belonging to users on the cointorox platform can be tracked on the blockchain platform which make the owe development to be more transparent.

Uses of Token
Cointorox (OROX) is the official token of the cointorox platform. It is an utility token which is ERC-20 compliance. Apart for being one of the cryptocurrency that will be allocated to the users after purchasing a package, OROX will also allow users to have access to many other features on the platform. These features include; savings locking feature, cancellation and resumption of repeated monthly payment, reassembly feature for users’ portfolio and so on. For more details about other features kindly visit the cointorox website at or download the whitepaper directly from below links. All other social media pages can be located at the bottom of the article


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